Dr  T  Family Dentist in Soshanguve Block GG is one of the best dentists to consult with. This is a dental practice at Dr. Kwinda Medical Centre in Soshanguve, Block GG, Pretoria. This is our second dental practice in Soshanguve which we established to help patients who are further away from Mabopane and Ga-rankuwa. Currently, we serve the greater Tshwane North area.

What type of qualifications do the dentists have?

Dr. Tshepo Lerumo is the head of all the dental practices, there’s. There’s a total of 5 assistants and 5 clinicians at. All dentists have Bachelor Of Dental Surgery degrees.

He started his dentistry journey in Garankuwa, where he acquired a bachelor’s in Diagnostic Radiology/Radiography at Sefako Makgatho Health Science which is formerly known as Medunsa(Medical University Of Southern Africa); in 2003.

He’s registered with HSPCA.

License number- DP. 0113824

I know this is not about history and race but the history of how we are able to have black doctors in South Africa is an interesting one to tell. 

History of Medunsa(Medical University Of South Africa)

Did you know that black(Indian, African, and Colored) people were only “allowed” to train as medical doctors in South Africa only in 1943?

This means this is the 2nd generation of black medical doctors, 79 years since medical practitioners were “allowed” to be professionally trained, to be exact.  

This decision or plan rather didn’t just happen by the way! There was some push back, economical causes, and resistance by the apartheid government before the approval. 

When the Second World War happened it became almost impossible for overseas travel and training abroad. This led to the acceptance of black students in predominantly only white institutions such as Witwatersrand(Wits) in 1941 and Cape Town UCT in 1943.

Wait, wait a minute. Medunsa is still in the oven; it’s not born yet. 

The University Of Natal Medical School is the Grootman(elder), it was created in 1951 as a separate institution to Witwatersrand(Wits) and University Of Cape Town(UCT). Black people were allowed to study at white institutions but it was very restricted.

In the mid-1950s there was a very high shortage of black general practitioners, optometrists, veteneraries, and all other medical fields. 

To a point where the Van Der Walt’s commission recommended restructuring of the University Of Natal and the possible creation of black medical schools in Turfloop and Ngoya(KZN), which was rejected,

In 1972 it was brought and reviewed by the Nieuwoudt Committee, in 1972 it was reported that only 25 black doctors were graduating from Southern African Universities; annually. 20 from Natal and the others from Wits. 

In 1976 after back and forths, economic causes, a dire need for medical professionals and to survive, the workforce had to be trained. After the opening of Ga-rankuwa Hospital in Pretoria which would allow training for occupational therapy, and paramedical training, physiotherapy, and laboratory technology which was instituted by the Department Of Banu Education. 

In 1976-1977 Medical University Of Southern Africa(Medunsa) was created.

So imagine, black doctors have only had professional medical training in South Africa for only 79 years. 

The School Of Pharmacy and Optometry was only opened in 1984.

What are dentists and what do they do?

A dentist deals with the diagnosis and management of diseases, oral care of the teeth, rehabilitation of the teeth, and the look of the smile. 

General dentist duties include:

Treatment of gum diseases and related issues. The medical term is gingivitis and periodontitis. 

What do Gingivitis and periodontitis mean?

With Gingivitis, gingiva refers to the gums and itis refers to the gums. This means gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums that ends up causing inflammation, destruction of the supporting structures around the teeth which can ultimately result in tooth loss. 

What is the cause of gum disease? 

One of the main causes is plaque but is now preferred and referred to as oral biofilm by the medical sector. The worst that can happen from this bacteria formation is tooth loss which can be caused by not brushing and flossing your teeth well enough which allows bacteria to hang along your gum line and creep below the edges. 

In essence, it means when gingivitis doesn’t get treated it can develop and may lead to more severe disease-periodontitis  

How will I know if it’s gum disease?

Typical symptoms include:

Redness of gums.

Swelling of gums.


Especially after brushing or flossing your teeth. Sometimes in the early stages of infection, there are no noticeable symptoms. 

How do I treat gum diseases?

Depending on how severe the issue is simple treatment like.

  • daily(2x) brushing and flossing 
  • Use antimicrobial agents(mouthwash) which helps to prevent dental plaque.
  • In severe cases, antibiotics and surgery might be needed.

Other dental services Dr. T can do, include:

  • Teeth removal
  • Surgical tooth removal
  • Scaling and polishing
  • Gold implants
  • Gold tooth removal
  • Treatment of cavities by filling your teeth and restoring them to their intended function and appearance. 
  • Root canals, make crowns
  • Implants

Dr T Family Dentis’s goals is to provide good and appropriate details about Healthcare to clients in our Soshanguve local as we do in other areas. As the name states, we are a family dentist and through our experience of working and studying in the Pretoria North area for over 10 years; we would like to grow and be part of a community here. 

We would like to show our clients that good dental service can be provided locally, in Soshanguve, Mabopane, and Ga-Rankuwa. They don’t need to spend more money outside of the township by going to suburban areas.

We chose this location to be a greater part of the Soshanguve community, Pretoria by dedicating our services to being a provider of good dental and oral care.

This is our second dental practice in Soshanguve, Pretoria. It’s near Mabopane and Winterveld. 

For more information contact us at:

Dr. T. Family Dentist in Soshanguve Block at Dr. Kwinda Medical Centre.

Open Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00

Saturday from 10:14:00

Consultation prices are only R400

Call: 079 497 7609


Stand 103 Block GG




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