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Pretoria Business Listing Directory- Building your business online presence with  Pretoria Business Listing Directory so customers can find it. Pretoria Business Listing Directory is a digital marketing agency in Pretoria and United Kingdom, England.

 Pretoria Business Listing Directory do

Before we tell you what we do, let’s start with why we created Local Business Listing in Pretoria.

We discovered that in our local areas it was difficult to find services and businesses like local dentists, lawyers, plumbers, electricians ‘in Pretoria’ / ‘near me’ on online search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and maps when needed. Many local businesses in Pretoria and parts of England tend to stick to what they know in terms of how business is operated and never develop a digital presence.

The use of digital marketing to promote a business online is hardly something that is thought of and if one does digital marketing skills are needed to create a digital presence.

Skills & expertise

Web Development
Local SEO Expert
Google Ads/Analytics
Logo Design

Portfolio samples

If the company doesn’t have an online presence we created a service called Mini-Sites for local presence. Local Business Listing in Pretoria created this as the initial phase of a company’s digital presence before creating an interactive WordPress website. We’ve found this as a great way to collect customer analytics which will help in creating a good digital marketing strategy for your business and it’s cost-effective.

We created and registered the company’s on Google search and Google Maps. This allows customers to find you when looking for a product or service.

Local SEO

When your business is well optimized through local SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategies it means your business can rank higher on search engines like Google and better your chances of landing on the local pack.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics software shows us how your business is found by customers online. With this information, we can see the performance of your digital presence.

Getting Started with Pretoria Business Listing Directory

Register Your Business On Search Engines Like Google Maps And Online Directories.

Create A Website
Up to 5 custom-designed pages
Social Media Setup
Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
Fully secure & encrypted website
Mobile & Google-friendly website
Track & Adjust For Efficiency
Free 3 Months Website UpdateLocal Business Listing in Pretoria

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